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Why Work At TARA
Since the start in 2019, we have made incredible progress and our efforts have resulted in, capturing the Canadian Market. We aspire to have a team which is always ready to grow in the correct way and ensure that our market share keeps increasing.

Formal Organizational Structure:
The flow of work moves according to the formal organizational structure. Each person is accountable for the work assigned to him.

Competitive Compensation:
The salaries provided are according to industry standards moreover performance of every individual is monitored regularly and appraised accordingly. The work is incentive-based.

Thorough Training & Development:
Each employee is trained regarding the products, the company and the market. This is done to ensure that they deliver to the best of their potential and keep growing individually as well.

Team Work:
At TARA all the employees work together coordinating the assignments so as to attain maximum results in the minimum possible time.

Absolute Safety Measures:
Our manufacturing unit is equipped with all the required safety measures and a first aid room. The company is under surveillance 24×7, thus making every individual secure.

Hygienic Environment:
Proper care is taken for the cleanliness and hygiene of the offices & manufacturing unit. Thorough cleaning is done to ensure a healthy environment, especially in the factory to meet the required standards.

Friendly Environment:
Though the company follows a hierarchy when needed it is very easy to approach the higher authorities. One can directly talk to them to avail help or let their grievances out in the open.

We are an Alberta based manufacturer of ethnic-based Dry Snacks food products. We have traversed the entire distance with honesty, ethics and passion.